Wood Recycling

Wood Recycling

Rockwood is a unique wood recycler in Middle Tennessee with capacity to handle all wood regardless of type.  

Wood Recycling:

Collection site:  Lebanon Facility

Who can bring wood:


Our customers range from manufacturing and distribution down to contractors and tree trimmers.  We ask that if you are a business or a large volume customer that you call first so we can make sure to work together to come up with the best recycling solution.


What do we provide:

Rockwood will supply customers with a drop off location or can manage hauling both with open top containers or semi trailers.


What is allowed: 

When we say we recycle wood we commit to finding a home for all wood products.  All of our wood piles are sorted by type, treatment, and contamination levels.   We do not allow any lead based paint items or hazardous materials.

We do collect green wood waste as well.

All materials must be sorted.  Rockwood asks that materials be sorted at your facilities before they are brought to us.  We can turn away loads that are contaminated with mixed debris and other items.  Rockwood can educate and train on the best practices to make this work for you.  


What do we do with the material:

Sort and Reuse good material 

Good pallets are sold for reuse, good lumber is bundled for resale.

The remainder is used to create energy or for one of our other products.

Other products:

Mulch, animal bedding, bio-rentention, erosion control, slope stabilization, water run off, filtration, soil amendment