Rockwood Recycling is a company that passionately believes that waste materials can be managed in such a way that produce a circular benefit for your business, your community, and your environment and we are excited to share it with you.


Rockwood Recycling is a Tennessee based company that offers convenient collection facilities, experienced processing capabilities, and innovative recycling initiatives that benefit our customer, our community, and our environment in which we live.  


Core Values


  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Safety
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Education



  • 2014- Ground Up Recycling was established
  • Started shingle collection in Murfreesboro, Cookeville, and Lebanon
  • 2015- Ground Up Recycling formed partnership with Putnam and Rutherford County.
  • Ground Up worked to provide a recycling solution for shingles in Rutherford and Putnam County.  This allowed these counties to stop accepting shingles at their landfills which saved them air space, 5-7 years of landfill life, and millions of dollars in offset cost.
  • 2016- Ground Up formed Rockwood Recycling to focus on materials other than shingles.  
  • In August 2016, Rockwood opened a new collection site in Lebanon, TN for wood and tire recycling.
  • October 2016, Rockwood, Aires Energy, and City of Lebanon opened a down draft gasification facility to provide power for the waste water treatment plant in Lebanon.
  • November 2016, Rockwood established management practices for our clean fill site which included brick and concrete recycling.
  • 2017- Rockwood began taking our grinding experience and expertise on the road and working with other counties and customers to grind at their locations for various needs.
  • July 2017, Rockwood began to produce Mulch and Tire Derived Aggregates for local customer needs.



Rockwood recycles approximately 85,000 tons of waste materials per year. These materials include:  shingles, wood, tires, concrete, fill material, cardboard, glass, metal, aluminum, and plastic.

Rockwood's recycled materials help to:

Create the electricity equivalent of over 300 homes

Erase the carbon footprint of over 1500 tons of carbon emissions 

Pave miles and miles of roadways

Reuse valuable resources instead of landfilling